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01 May 2011


APALO MEKEK JEMBOT WKWKWKWKWK Today, the geological business in our country is growing rapidly. As a result, more and more students and enthusiasts are interested in learning about geology. There are currently two geological and mining schools nationwide, which seems to be sufficient. However, there are very few textbooks and commentaries available for students, professionals and amateurs. In order to help fill the gap in the database, the book “Minerals” was published by Dr. J. Ulaanbaatar, Doctor of Geological Sciences, School of Geology, National University of Mongolia. Saturday and the first e-Geos geologist .mn with co- creation .
Currently, no equivalent book has been written in Mongolia, and “Minerals” is a professional guide for geologists, miners, and naturalists. The book is a high-quality publication with 220 pages, including more than 400 mineral and rock images, about 1,100 descriptions, 3D mineral drawings, and an English-Mongolian Geological Dictionary of more than 3,500 words.
The publication of this handbook not only contributes to the database of students, geologists, mining engineers, naturalists and amateurs, but also promotes geology, mining and natural sciences to the public.
The handbook is intended for professionals and can be used by non-professionals, with clear and high-quality illustrations, as well as 3D or three-dimensional drawings to better understand the mineral structure. And the interpretation of the text of the Code of Professional E -year terms described gajuuduulalgüigeer skilled as these are available then.

also includes the English-Mongolian Geological Dictionary, which contains more than 3,500 words and phrases used in geology alone . English Mongolian language dictionaries published in Mongolia are carried out as part of a mining and geological terms, and some Y are constrained not speech.
This is not only geological email at ereglegddeg common English word phrases selected Mongolian compiled offset value to.
At the end of the
email a "sediment" The book is only to provide advantages similar publications became the party high volume and needs of all who bought the book.
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Ongon sumiin unknown lake
Chalcedony - Хальцедон
Calcite - Кальцит
Dolomite - Доломит
Andalusite - Анделузит
Glaucophane - Глаукофан
Kyanite - Кианит
Pumpellyite - Пумпеллит
Serpentine - Серпентинит
Rhyolite - Риолит
Basalt - Базальт
Andesite- Андезит
Dolostone - Долостоне
Аркоз элсэн чулуу
Carbonatite – Карбонатит
Websterite - Bебстерит
Tuff - Туфф
Тайлбар толь
Granulite – Гранулит
Granular snow – Мөхлөгт цас
Granitization – Боржинжилт
Granite – Боржин
Graded bedding – Ялгарсан үелэл
Graben – Грабен
Gneiss – Гнейс
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