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Leapfrog Geo for dynamic modelling of complex geology
31 Jul 2014

Setting the standard in geological modelling

Leapfrog is the leading geological modelling software for the mining, exploration, groundwater contamination and geothermal industries.

Direct from data modelling

Traditional wireframing can be bypassed to allow models to be built and updated in sig- nificantly less time.

Unrivalled processing power

Complex models can be created with ease by harnessing over one million data points from multiple sources.

Evaluation of multiple models

Improve geological understanding by cre- ating multiple models to test various hy- potheses.

Crafted for geologists

Workflows ensure models are developed in a consistent and logical way, and new data can easily be incorporated so your model is updated with the latest information.


Compelling visualisation

Quickly grasp and understand a geological model, stand back and see the big picture with the most exceptional 3D graphics avail- able. Gain by-in from stake holders, and eas- ily share models with the free Leapfrog Viewer.




Reduce costs

Quickly arrive at more robust models that dramatically shorten exploration projects, enable better targeted drilling programs and reduce long term planning costs


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Chalcedony - Хальцедон
Calcite - Кальцит
Dolomite - Доломит
Andalusite - Анделузит
Glaucophane - Глаукофан
Kyanite - Кианит
Pumpellyite - Пумпеллит
Serpentine - Серпентинит
Rhyolite - Риолит
Basalt - Базальт
Andesite- Андезит
Dolostone - Долостоне
Аркоз элсэн чулуу
Carbonatite – Карбонатит
Websterite - Bебстерит
Tuff - Туфф
Тайлбар толь
Granulite – Гранулит
Granular snow – Мөхлөгт цас
Granitization – Боржинжилт
Granite – Боржин
Graded bedding – Ялгарсан үелэл
Graben – Грабен
Gneiss – Гнейс
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